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It’s how we’re getting through the winter.

Times of change are the times of greatest transformation.

Meet today’s challenges with the life-affirming power of your own intuition.

Open the Owl Magic toolbox of simple anxiety-busting strategies designed to reveal your hidden power.

Journey at your own pace through guided meditations, stories, poems, yoga poses, and writing prompts.

This unique interactive guide provides many routes to your highest self so you can seize the incredible potential of the present moment.

Praise for Owl Magic:

“A vision of hope and the answer to how we will find our way out for these most trying of times.” ~Lauri Ann Lumby, author of Song of the Beloved: the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

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Praise for Moon Tide:

The new Mary Oliver.

Antonia Malchik, author of A Walking Life: Reclaiming Our Health and Our Freedom One Step at a Time

Worthy of a spot on the shelf next to Thoreau…

T.R. Dott, Contributor to Edible Cape Cod Magazine and James Beard Eddy Award winner

Essential read for all Cape Cod lovers!

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If you love Cape Cod, you’ll love the poems in Moon Tide.

Horseshoe crabs, ghosts, tree men, black dogs, and daffodils all come to life in Moon Tide. Cape Codders may recognize themselves or their friends in these pages, and visitors will find a wonderful souvenir of their Cape Cod vacation. 

Moon Tide is a book for everyone who loves Cape Cod.

I stood

before the sandy point

deep in the channel’s hidden canyon,

in a cool damp

water world

where a ribbon of blue

three feet wide

lay enchanted

by the moon.

I almost leaped across

but didn’t dare

for fear of falling in.

excerpt from Moon Tide

Mary Petiet Reads from Moon Tide



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